The premise of this blog serves as a career journal. A place where I note down how I impacted the area of expertise I have for the day. But today as I sit down prepare for my post, I've found myself blanking on what to write. I have several productive meeting and potential topic to jog down, but nothing is complete, they are mostly exploratory without result yet.

So What was it that made today such as hard day to write? It's not like I was sitting around staring at the computer screen and daydreaming about Bora Bora, I was running around doing what I do, so why was it so difficult to find a topic of impact to jog down?

Urgent But Not Important

You may have heard of the "Urgent / Important Matrix". In fact there are numerous post on the internet discussing this matrix so I best leave the explanation and implement to those experts:

The Urgent / Important Matrix - Credit :  The productivity blog

The Urgent / Important Matrix - Credit : The productivity blog

So today was full of "Urgent, but not important" task as well as some "Not Urgent, but important" meetings. I've found the urgent but not important tasks the most draining, and the least impactful to the career field long term. It is in this and the "not urgent, not important" tasks that makes me feel like a "rat in a wheel" at the end of the day. Fill enough days in a year with this type of days, and soon it will kill the innovative spirits and work becomes "boring".

Perhaps the best way to combat this is to schedule at least half an hour during the work day, put the phone on DND (do not disturb) mode, shut down the email client, close the office door (if you have one), and whiteboard some ideas that will either 1) automate current manual processes or 2) figure out ways to make ideas into reality, even if it is just a small baby step.

Plan for Success so you Don't Fail

Weekend Wrap - Apr 11, 2016