Becoming a Trusted Adviser

Have you ever been called "the go to guy (or gal)" in your area of expertise? Or, do you have a go to person when it comes to executing a project to ensure success? Becoming a "go to", or as I call it - a trusted adviser in your are of expertise, can make you a very valuable resource to your team and your company.

How would you define what a trusted adviser is? If you are a business owner, you will no doubt have attorneys to advise you on legal matters. Many of us uses CPA to file our taxes and give investment advises. When your car breaks down, you will likely take it to your trusted mechanic for inspection and repair. These trusted advisers provide valuable advises, instructions, and pointers to various aspects of our lives that is vital to a sustainable future.

Since trusted advisers are so valuable, how do we become one in our position?

First, know how your company goes to market. It is your company's unique proposition in the marketplace that makes you competitive. If you are not certain, time to grab a notebook (or your iPad), and starting asking your top producing sales executives to lunch. Consult with your customer service folks and discover any unique DNA about your company when they interaction with your customers.

Second, know your company internal process well. Every company has their way of handling their customers, their products, and their suppliers. While it may be difficult to be a master of all these areas, a keen understanding of how things are done will certainly help in conceptualizing new ideas, or validating ideas against potential pitfalls unique to your company. For example, just because someone came back from a marketing conference and yelled "we need to do more videos! It's the hottest thing out there right now!" Doesn't mean the company needs to change it's course without any validation against the company's mission and vision.

Third, keep yourself up-to-date. If you are a digital marketer like me, when was the last time you attended a marketing conference? How well do you know the latest, or hottest, marketing trend? While not every company should be on Facebook, do you at least know the mechanics behind marketing on that social platform? If you are a CRM administrator or analyst, when was the last time you refresh your certification? When was the last time you attended your local user group for networking and idea exchange?

If you have never thought of becoming a trusted adviser in your current position, then begin your journey with these three points, than add to this list based on your observations. You will be well on your way to add value to your company, and your career.

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