Upgraded - Part I

Today I celebrate my promotion. A long sought after promotion journey to Director started 4-1/2 years ago when I first joined the company. Back then their eCommerce platform was nothing more than a website sitting out among millions of website on the Internet, generating a non-significant among of sales for the company. During my interview I was even told "don't spent too much time on it, your focus is still on corporate marketing. Even if you ten fold the business, it's still a tiny drop in the bucket."

Fast forward 4-1/2 years later, we have 4 dedicated personnel in sales and customer service post, and expanded dedicated warehouse crew for the pick-and-pack operations. The division became the major contributing factor for corporate negotiated rate with our parcel carrier, and internal processes now includes considerations for the eCommerce business strategy.

Meanwhile, the company's internal adoption for Salesforce CRM was minimal back in 2011. They have just started using Salesforce a year prior and their activities only go so far as lead management and quality case management. Today our entire quoting system is driven by Salesforce, and the majority of inter-departmental processes involve Salesforce to a certain degree : Getting freight quotes, logging customer service cases, product catalog... even our corporate website is driven by Salesforce. Best of all these automation has saved countless hours of man hours going back and forth, eliminating tens of thousands of unnecessary email and minimize the cases when we simply "dropped the ball" and forget to follow-up with our customers. Just the quoting system alone improved our GP by 2 points because much more information was captured upfront. All data are reportable, holding ourselves and our vendors to their promises.

Many of my co-workers and friends accompanied their congratulations with "how did you get it?" I owe it mostly to Cal Newport's book "Be So Good They Can't Ignore You". I'll spend the next several post detailing my mile-markers and checkpoints towards my goal, but the key is becoming so good my boss simply cannot ignore my request when I asked.

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