Upgraded - Part II - The Beginning

When I first started in this position as a Senior Media Planner, I had a personal goal to attain a certain salary level and title level. I sent these goals not in a vacuum, but rather a series of check-points along the way during my first two years of working in this position, opening my ears and listening what's going on around me, observing company culture, and making impact within the confine of my job descriptions.

The early days are somewhat steady and, at times, boring. But this is the phrase that lays the foundation on how I want to perform that not only exceed expectations, but also making impacts in areas that will get me noticed. But the biggest accomplishment for this phrase is to practice my craft. The craft that was assigned to me via the original job description.

I have a firm belief that if you can't do your own job well, no matter how well you contribute outside of your job area, you are still seen as incompetent. It's the common sense belief that "do your job first before you mess with others." No matter how much contribution I make towards Salesforce automation, it wouldn't have mattered if my marketing initiative fails and I simply did not deliver marketing project on-time, as Salesforce automation wasn't part of my primary job function at the time.

The first two years flew by with great performance reviews, validated by salary increase. It was also during this period that I was promoted to "Online Marketing Manager". This promotion did not come as a surprise, but I simply asked for it as that was the original title I was promised during my interview process. Backed by my exceptional first performance review, I felt I had enough "chips" in my bag to make that small gamble, and it was granted to me.

Next I'll discuss entering the second phrase, where I focused on educating myself to make additional contributions beyond my initial job description.

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