Invest in Days Now, Save Weeks Tomorrow

Writing training documents are not my favorite tasks. They are time consuming, and it forces me to think as the user. But this is also the step that often uncover process design flaws. Being a one man Salesforce Analyst and administrator for the organization, I have the full cycle job of analyze, design, implement, and train. I cannot count how many times I spent days talking to different stakeholders to come up with a automation solution, program it, and at time of training discovered that I have not take certain scenario into consideration during my implementation phase. Hours of scramble programming ensued, and that often uncover additional validation rules and workflow rule processes that needs to be programmed an documented.

Where The Training Doc Comes In?

Training documentations, no matter how tedious, is an ultimate time saver. My boss often joying said "we need to know how things are done in case you walk outside and get hit by a truck..." He obvious has a point. But if you think along that line of logic more, you will soon discovered that writing training documentations or procedure documents will save you hours of one-on-one training time and minimize the agony of those less tech savvy users constantly calling you for support. Let's face it, there will be coworkers in your company that "just doesn't get it". A step-by-step guide will eliminate the need for you to stand over their should over and over again.

With that said the training documents' primary audience are these less tech-savvy users, which means added time for additional screenshots, drawing arrows, and detail instructions. Don't skip a step, and call out the location of the button, field, link with their reference location on the screen. Even though there may just be one "Save" button, it doesn't hurt to write out "Scroll to the top of the screen, towards the center you will find the "Save" button in grey color"... tedious, no doubt, but I also have the experience of listening to these users reading these word-for-word to locate the one button on the screen, so don't skip the details.

Invest a Day, Save a Week

These type of training document will no doubt take additional time to do (perhaps hours if not days added), but these type of detail training documentation will save you time over an over again. Remember that one user who otherwise will need you watching over their shoulder can follow these documents, saving you minutes or even hours to train and re-train. And if your company happens to on-board another less tech-savvy user, your time saved just got doubled.

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