Upgraded Part III - The Grind

Grinding through day-by-day may seem to be mindless, boring, and pointless. Whenever we filled our days with urgent but not important tasks, our career starts to feel stale. But nonetheless this is the period where, if not careful, will take up a good chuck of our day, and subsequently suck the life out of our ambitions and plans. The key here, I think, is to spend at least 30 minutes daily to innovate.

The Daily Innovation Task

I actually treat this as a daily recurring task. It is a task that is both urgent and important. Urgent because it is a task that, if you don't keep up with, will lost it's place in our mind and slowly disappear from our thought process. Ambitions will soon die from lack of nourishment. It is important because this is how we find the "next iPhone idea" for our career and executive to make us one-step closer to being "so good they cannot ignore you".

The iPhone idea

The iPhone ideas are essentially new ways of doing things. Whether it is to solve a age old problem, or find a way to automate manual work that normally takes 15 or more minutes of your workday. I call these "the iPhone idea" because, like the iPhone, it's not the first to market, but it is the idea that changed the market. If you want to update this terms you may also call it "the Tesla 3 idea". Well, I think you get my point.

Pace Yourself

If the thought of constantly coming up with iPhone ideas sounds daunting, start with one a month, and use the other innovation time block to polish it and find ways to execute on it. Executing on these ideas are key, you won't go too far with ideas that you cannot execute. Success comes from results that you bring, and when you do your quarterly and annual review, you can review the impact these ideas have in yourself and your career.

Not sure what the quarterly and annual reviews are? Stay tuned.

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