Your Customer Service Folks Are You Brand's "Evangelists"

Dave Ramsey calls his receptionist the "Director of First Impression". Because that person is the first anyone sees when they walk through your door. For an eCommerce business, I would argue that same goes for your team answering the phone. But how many times do you call an eCommerce customer support line, and be greeted with a minute long machine message? And after you finally got through to a human being, it took you another 3 minutes to go through security checkpoints that's more frustrating then going through TSA at the airport, and then you were given a "scripted" response. Frustrating, isn't it?

That's why I've decided to give minimal scripts to our customer service team, and then tell them to "evangelize". That means that every time they pick-up the phone, they have one goal : to convert the person on the other line to love our brand. That means I don't hand them scripts for every scenario, but train the team to simply ask "how would you like to be treated when you are having the same problem?" Would you like to be reminded of the corporate policy first before announcing a solution? Or would you rather hear "Yup, we'll take care of it." and before you hang up you have full confidence that it is indeed taken care of?

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