Having Goals Stare In Your Face Everyday

Every year in my marketing plan, I set out content deployment frequency and dates, I calculate how many marketing emails I will do, what type of emails I will send, number of blogs and frequency of posts to aim for, number of infographics and videos to publish. This year, with a new marketing coordinator on board, I set a more aggressive target.

But here I sit in April, and I know we are behind schedule. The on-boarding took a bit longer than originally expected, and I have several big projects that stand in the way between me and the target.

First step in getting back on track - have the target stare you right in the face

This strategy is a bit like goal setting, writing it down and put it somewhere that will always remind you. So I've decided to write the target number on the left, and the number I've done so far:

For example:

  • 52 Blogs 10
  • 6 Infographics 1
  • 4 Videos 0

My next step is to add a third number indicating the number of blogs I should've written, infographics or videos published if I am on schedule and update that number weekly. This is my way of embarking on the first step of solving a problem : realizing you have one.

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