Do Over - Jon Acuff

Finished Date : October 2016

Summary : Just finished this book via Audible. It's wasn't a book that I was hunting for, but after reading "Start" by the same author two months ago, I've decided to give this a go. Mainly because I was hoping to get one question in my mind answered : Who on this planet earth would quit their dream job of working for Dave Ramsey, especially after the author himself labeled it as his "dream job" to begin with? Did something happened with him and Dave?

While he vaguely answered that question, he essentially used that experience as a springboard to become something he himself was wired for all along, which made me extremely jealous. After-all, I've been asking this question of myself for the past year: Is my current career "the one"? (ie: the "dream job" as labeled by the author). And if it is, what's next?



So Good They Can't Ignore You - Cal Newport