So Good They Can't Ignore You - Cal Newport

Cal Newport uses this book to make a case for "finding the work you love" is actually a bad and dangerous advice. Instead to develop skills that leads you to the work you love. I've found my own career development was very much like that, from my early days of admin assistant to sales, from sales to business development, from business development to web development, from web development to digital marketing, each transition built upon itself to got me to today - the work I love.

Start Date : September, 2015

Finish Date : September, 2015

Summary : I'm never a fan of "just find the job you love" as my career track shifted several times. Perhaps it was because I wanted a job that makes a lot of money first, and makes me happy second. Each time I shift my focus and god a new job I thought : "This must be it." But little did I realize it was another piece of the puzzle that I built on before I finally found "the work I love" - a career path that I enjoy contributing to because I'm good at it.

Next Actions Implemented

  • Continue to develop my skills in digital marketing by doing, experimenting, and delivering great results
  • Starting this blog, which serves as a development platform to my writing skills

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